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Summer Skills Academy

Our summer skills program will allow any player to stay sharp during the summer months by offering workout sessions in July!
Athletes only need to bring their own basketball!
For your safety, Summer Academy sessions will include a limit of 6 players or less in each group session.


Junior Pro I

This program is designed to help young basketball players learn the fundamentals of basketball. We will be laying a foundation for each player by teaching them the essentials of basketball: ball handling, footwork, shooting, and passing in a FUN environment. Learning these foundational skills will help make the game easier as players continue to get older and gain more experience training under our system.

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Junior Pro II

This program builds upon the fundamentals of the Junior Pro I level. Here, players learn basic basketball specific skills, including ball handling, how to create space, footwork, develop basketball IQ and practical application to game situations.

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Junior Pro III

This program builds upon the fundamentals of the Junior Pro II level. Here, players will learn advanced basketball skills including: ball handling, how to create space, footwork, attack moves, finishing moves, shots off the dribble, catch and shoot, and moving without the ball.

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Probound Training is committed to keeping our athletes safe.

Masks are not required for sessions, but highly recommended. Get Your PBT Face Mask Here.

What Makes Probound Different

Skills training is so prevalent in today’s generation. There are thousands of training programs that do not emphasize drills that can be applied to game situations. As a result, athletes do not develop the instinctual habits that are imperative to reach optimal performance during gameplay. At ProBound Training we have a comprehensive player development training system that is proven to see in game results! Check out our curriculum and see what makes us different:

  • Purpose Driven: Every drill has a purpose so that the athlete can develop natural skills to excel in games.
  • Progressional Training Model: We train the whole athlete in various stages to prepare them for every level of basketball.
  • Games Based Approach Training System: During every session, we incorporate in game scenarios and drills so that the athlete can develop natural skills to excel in games.

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Summer Skills Academy Registration

Due to COVID-19, the month of July sessions will only be sold in 4 session packages.
Please check schedules before purchasing; all sessions must be used within the month of purchase!

Summer Skills Schedule: July 2020
Level Junior Pro I Junior Pro II Junior Pro III
Day     Mondays     Tuesdays     Thursdays
Time     5:30pm – 6:30pm     6:00pm – 7:00pm     6:00pm – 7:00pm
Location Kelly Bolish Gym, 2950 Turnpike Dr, Hatboro, PA 19040

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    In case of injury to child, I hereby waive all claims against ProBound, LLC including all coaches and affiliates, all participants, sponsoring agencies, advertisers, and, if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the event. There is a risk of being injured that is inherent in all sports activities, including basketball. Some of these injuries include, but are not limited to, the risk of fractures, paralysis, or death.

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What Our Clients Said

ProBound coaches are enthusiastic, technically very strong, and focused on each individual's needs.

M. SingerParent

Like that the company takes the time to properly assess where my boys are skills wise and will develop a plan of progression based on that

P. TisdaleParent

Your workouts and training sessions are more and more purpose driven and everything we do has a translation.

Maggie LucasWNBA Basketball Player

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Our Summer Skills Academy will allow any player to stay sharp during the summer months by offering workout sessions in July! All players need is to bring their own basketball!

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