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At ProBound Training, our mission is to empower young student athletes to reach their full potential, while utilizing the sport of basketball to ultimately build future leaders and develop young professionals.

ProBound Training was founded in 2014 by Misha Horsey, former collegiate student-athlete of Stony Brook University, realizing the significance of ball handling and the importance of staying on top of your game during pre-season, in-season and off-season to get to the next level. The organization’s name “ProBound” was chosen due to the vision of developing athletes to not only become professionals in basketball but in life after sports.

Our vision is to develop a critical mass of athletes around the world and build a basketball culture defined by the tenacious pursuit of self-improvement, while motivating players and improving kids’ lives.

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Misha Horsey
Misha Horsey
Founder/Lead Skills Trainer
Andrea Jones
Andrea Jones
Skills Instructor