LAST UPDATED: 10/31/2020

Our staff will communicate any changes to the following Policies/Procedures as new guidances are released by PA and the CDC.  

Basic Guidelines

    1. Players experiencing of the below symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to participate in sessions until they are symptom free for 14 days.
      • Congestion and/or Runny Nose
      • Diarrhea
      • Dry Cough
      • Fatigue
      • Fever and/or Chills
      • Headache
      • Loss of Taste and/or Smell
      • Muscle and/or Body Aches
      • Nausea and/or Vomiting
      • Persistent Pain and/or Pressure in the Chest
      • Shortness of Breath and/or Difficulty Breathing
      • Sore Throat
    2. Household Members – any player/staff residing in a household with a diagnosed COVID-19 positive person or a person displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (listed above) will not be allowed to participate in sessions until all members of the household are symptom free for 14 days.
    3. Positive Cases – any player that has participated in our sessions (within 14 days), and tests positive for COVID-19, is asked to notify us immediately. Players will not be allowed to return to sessions until they test negative.

Standard Skills Training Procedures

    • Drop-Off / Pickup
      • Adults are asked to wear masks for pickup/drop-off of players.
      • We will allow 15 minutes between sessions to avoid any overlap at drop-off/pickup.
      • Please arrive at your scheduled session and time and not before. This will help us to limit your interaction with others.
    • Temperature Checks
      • Staff Members will administer self-temperature checks (must be below 100.4) prior to the start of any session.
      • Parents/Guardians are asked to check players’ temperatures at home (must be below 100.4) prior to the start of any session.
    • Sanitizing – players are required to sanitize and/or wash their hands before and after sessions (players must bring their own sanitizer).
    • Social Distancing – it is recommended that people have six feet of space between one another. Our staff members will encourage social distancing at all times.
    • Cover Coughs/Sneezes – players are asked to cover coughs/sneezes then hand sanitize after.
    • Equipment – players will be required to bring their own basketball to all sessions. Basketballs are not allowed to be shared with one another and players are not allowed to touch staff equipment.
    • Contact – there will be no physical contact between players (expected to change in August)
    • Face Covering
      • Staff Members will wear face coverings during all sessions.
      • Players are required to wear masks.